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DiskInternals ZIP Repair 1.0 Free Downlaod

Zip file format is the most popular form of data storage. It is commonly used for backup and transfer of information via the Internet. As any format with a well defined structure, it is very susceptible to rot. In the case of even a minor corruption in the file structure standard zip tools will not be able to extract the contents. This is because all zip tools check archives for integrity. If the CRC values ​​in the original files in an archive is not up to the samples, the standard tools do not extract them.  In such a case DiskInternals ZIP Repair helps repair zip structure and extract the contents of the archive. Full automation of recovery and a wizard-like interface make zip repair no more than a glance.

DiskInternals ZIP Repair is a freeware tool. Just download, unzip and install on your computer. But if the user wants to make the program more efficient and powerful, the responsive support team is always happy to hear from you.Free download



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