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Evalaze is a great free application

Evalaze is an excellent free tool for virtualization application that gives you a chance to hand sandboxing for free. Basically, you can use any application in a virtual environment. This virtual environment will be far from the main computer, and there is no impact. Evalaze website cited a good example to use such software. Suppose you want to run multiple versions of Office: Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010. Evalaze you can do with different versions of a virtual environment separately.

As a result, Evalaze creates a snapshot of the system, and serves as an application for the selected restore point. There are some other popular applications on the market with similar features, but unfortunately they are not free most of the time and sometimes free with certain restrictions. So Evalaze is a good application to try if you want a virtualization tool of free applications. you can try Promptu Launcher, Launchy and Speed Launch



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