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Smadav Rev. 8 was published in 2011, many new features and enhancements that are specific to the local eradication of the virus. Features such as the SMAD behavior that can identify a virus new restaurant, which does not exist in database smadav its behavior when the system is transmitted. SMAD-ray, which can automatically scan flash installed on more than 5 seconds. 2011 smadav stable and highly recommended to combine the international anti-virus because it can only deal with local smadav virus. Flash vaccination program (with an autorun.inf folder) has been revised and already there's a confirmation, so you can decide if the flash is fixed or not.

For more information, samples of the virus that users uploaded to the site Smadav.net, local spread of the virus is beginning to fall dramatically in Indonesia. Perhaps this is because many local antivirus that can remove local viruses. And because Windows XP users have been reduced because some had to upgrade its operating system Windows Vista or Windows 7, which is very safe from viruses, especially viral infections locally. The spread of the virus in Indonesia, increasingly dominated by viruses and malware SmadAV International certainly can not overcome. Must and highly recommended to use the international anti perlindungkan your computer from viruses and malware of this world. Download now


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