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Boss 6 : Mu Zaka - The Ultimate Devil Spirit

  • This boss fight has 5 different parts.
  • The first part is incredibly easy, just create a hole and shoot him. The credits will start rolling, but the real boss is present.
  • The second part is very basic, but the balls roll rather quickly, so the key here is to Decissions quickly and avoid the bullets flying.
  • The third part is similar to others, but the boss is also fast. Keep shooting!
  • In the fourth part, the boss mirror movements. In order to beat him, you find only a brief moment when you can stay in a face to face with him. Even if its magic is coming, keeo your place, because as soon as you move, the balls will be.
  • In the fifth and final part, the boss will reflect their movements and whether to go left, go right. The only way to hurt the current head of the queue for him in the exact center of the level.
  • His attacks have time to affect you, so try to avoid them. 


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